Sustainable tourism and nature experiences

Getting to the Posada has already been an adventure. You have found us, traveller. In the Alto Valle del Almanzora, suspended at 1,080 m on the north face of the Sierra de los Filabres.

You have arrived. Welcome. We also arrived here a few years ago. And we were surprised and then captivated by the silence, this quiet majesty, the light from inside. People, villages, roads, forests, quarries and mines. Hard as the heart of the mountain, iron and marble, kind as the winter sun.

And this is what we want to share with you today. Travel through these villages in the interior of Almeria, close to the foot of the mountains. Its steep, narrow streets speak of other times. Its neighbors, always kind and curious, watch you.

But if you go into the mountains, you will discover those other tiny villages, today almost hidden by the trees from where years ago these people came down to the villages of the Valley. You will feel the millenary wisdom that runs through these singular trees that survived from those ancient forests. You will be astonished before the starry sky that illuminates the darkest nights.

Our experiences allow you to enjoy sustainable tourism in the Almanzora Valley and the Sierra de los Filabres.

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Live the cycle of Nature in its seasons, now we look for mushrooms, then we gather the fruits of autumn and make jams and some liquor. Surely already inside the Inn, tired of walking more than 2,000m a lighted fire will welcome us. You will remain absorbed watching the flames, feeling that colorcito and smelling the aroma of the firewood lit. It is cold outside. The smell of grilled food, stew and crumbs ...

In the heat of the fire we prepare our bread or Easter sweets. The seasons advance. The almond trees are already blossoming. That smell of honey. But it is still winter. Snow. Suddenly everything is white and silent. Those who are Desert Forests have dressed in white today. Blessed Nature. The song of a winter bird resounds among the rocky and wild ravines. A deer or wild male defies the cold. They are surprised to see you and so are you.

Spring arrives, first timidly, flowers of Anthyllis, gorses and blue shrubs. Then, if the winter has been snowy, the field explodes in colors and smells. Little by little the sleeping life is reborn. The garden of the Inn comes out of its lethargy. Garlic and onions, onions, lettuce and beans. Authentic gardens are born among the dark rocks of the summits. Pink, white, yellow, blue, indigo and finally poppy red. The leaves of the poplar trees and the old fruit trees have left, lost among the forests are full of flowers. Sticking to these uninhabited villages are cherry, pear and plum trees.

It's time for walks in the heights. This is a mystical mountain range. You can touch the sky from it. Great, luminous, silent. And you get excited when you feel the vibrant pulse of life and the rhythm of its beats. Summer and again next fall. Once you've lived it, nothing will be the same. Neither you will.

These are our experiences in Valle del Almanzora and Sierra de los Filabres.

EXPERIENCIES CANDIL. We will love sharing them with you.

Night of Stars and Astronomical Tourism

Inter An immense dark vault Illuminated by thousands of points of bright light. You will not forget it. The Sierra de los Filabres where La Posada del Candil is located is recognized as a privileged space for astronomical observation. We are in the area of influence of one of the most important Astronomical Complexes in Europe, the Spanish-German Calar Alto Observatory.
With the collaboration of Azimuth Spain and its professional astronomers, who manage the scientific and astronomical tourism project from the Calar Alto Observatory, you will discover the wonders of the UNIVERSE FROM OUR OWN ACCOMMODATION, which has the StarLight Certificate for the quality of the night sky in our environment and the promotion of Astronomical Tourism

PRICE: ASTRONOMICAL TOUR 25 € + TASTING DINNER 20 € GROUPS: The minimum groups would be 15 to 20 people and a maximum of 30 people. SCHEDULE: This Candil Experience is subject to meteorology and minimum group training. AVAILABILITY: It can be done on demand by the group of interest for any date, as long as the Azimuth Spain team has them available. ESSENTIAL: It is essential to bring warm clothing.
The Deer call

The silence in the highlands of the Sierra de Filabres, at more than 1800 above sea level, is a place of nature in its more purest state. Listen to the calls of the king of the forest. An elusive animal in the wild, difficult to see and hear. Blending into the indigenous pines and the pastures of the mountains, in the latter months of the summer, during mating season, they unveil themselves. Join us as we stealthily approach the natural viewing points high up in the valleys of the mountains. You’ll feel the power of the forest in the mating calls of these wonderful creatures.

DURATION: 5 hours. RECOMMENDED: Jackets. START: 17.00 h in the Posada del Candil SCHEDULE: nitial explanation by Javier Morterero, journey in the vehicles of the participants, 2 stops to explain the Sierra: Nature and Civilization. Round Trip on foot of the forest (3 km) Listening to the mating calls. INCLUDES: Observation material, explanations by experts of the natural history of the Sierra de Filabres, catering with dinner in the sierra, HAPPY ENDING with homemade cake with hot chocolate inside the Posada del Candil PRICE: € 37 per persona AVAILABILITY: programmed dates by the Posada del Candil or under request of the interested parties, provided we are in the right season.
Mycological Experience

We watch the sky and the storm clouds form at the end of August and beginnings of September, with San Miguel nearly upon us, the winds of the Levante and the Foehn effect form these rain clouds which are soft and continuous. But the cold has not yet arrived. The mountain, so dry after summer, grows green once again. There is the smell of moist soil and mulch. It is a mushroom lovers dream! They spring up in between the pines, pop up in the dry river beds, in the once cultivated lands, long since abandoned. It’s autumn. Searching for mushrooms, you go off the beaten track of the paths, you delve into nature, discovering those magic corners where it appears that nobody but yourself has been. And just like that, between the pine needles, surrounded by moss, are these fantastic mushrooms and fungi - you’ve found treasure! And, you’ve uncovered a magical place in the forest and a moment just for you - enjoy it.

DURATION: 7 hours. RECOMMENDED: bring a basket and a small knife. Jacket START: 10:00 am in the Posada del Candil SCHEDULE: explanation by the expert in mycology, exposition of the varieties of mushrooms found in the surroundings, detailed presentation of the world of mushrooms and fungi. Breakfast and journey in the cars of the participants to the chosen place for the mushroom hunt. INCLUDES: explanations by a specialist. BREAKFAST with coffee or infusion of the sierra and homemade biscuits. CATERING in the sierra with local products. HAPPY ENDING of infusion or coffee and homemade biscuits. PRICE: € 45 per persona AVAILABILITY: programmed dates by the Posada del Candil or under request of the interested parties, provided we are in the right season.
Cooking workshop - Oven - Baked Bread

It’s in the winter when we prepare the firewood to make the bread, using the dry branches of pines and almond trees. Some days before the workshop we light up the traditional oven in the Posada, to shake off the cobwebs and get it ready for the great show. That Saturday of December when you’ll be able to once again light up the oven, the sweet smell of pine and almonds, the oven gradually turning white.. Whilst we prepare the dough for the brea, the temperature in the oven rises, until it’s time to finally make the bread. Everything is ready, and the bread bakes in the same place as where we cook our fantastic meals of meat. That fresh aroma of freshly-baked bread...mmmm.

DURATION: 7 hours (Workshop itself is only 4 hours) START: 10:00am in the Posada del Candil SCHEDULE: initial explanation from the baker, types of flour, production process of the different types of dough. Heating of the oven with the firewood. Dough making. Explanation of yeasts and growing agents. INCLUDES: all ingredients and materials for making the bread, flour, BREAKFAST of coffee or an infusion from the sierra, and homemade biscuit. PRICE: € 37 per person - full workshop with lunch
€ 20 perpersona Sólo Taller con desayuno
AVAILABILITY: Programmed dates by the Posada del Candil or under request of the interested parties.
Workshop of Liqueurs and Marmalades

In the Autumn, when we collect the acerolas, the lemons, the blackthorns, the wild celery of our garden - comes the time for the LIQUORS and MARMALADES. Winter is coming in this sierra - Let’s prepare the traditional recipes and some more innovative types of liquors: PACHARAN, MISTELA, LIMONCELLO, liquor of LEMONS or ACEROLAS... SWEET MARMALADE, Orange MARMALADE. We use the old, traditional methods which conserve the aromas of these fruits and retain the sugar, the honey, the schnapps or the orujos.

DURATION: 4 hours START: 10:00am in the Posada del Candil SCHEDULE: Initial explanation by the chef: types of fruits, process of production of the liqueurs and Marmalades. Picking of some of the fruits if in season. Production of the liqueur o the marmalade. Tasting. INCLUDES: Material for the production of the liqueurs and marmalade. BREAKFAST of coffee or infusion of the sierra and homemade biscuit. Traditional APPETIZERS and LUNCH. Bottle of marmalade. Tub of sweet marmalade or small bottle 200 ml of liquor per person. PRICE: € 37 per person, full session with lunch
€ 20 per person only the workshop with breakfast
AVAILABILITY: fechas programadas por Posada del Candil o bajo demanda de l@s interesad@s
Millennial trees

In the interior of Almería, one of the territories with the highest level of drought in the south of Spain, surprisingly, we find an area of forest very famous in the 10th century. Today, these extensive forest reach the edge of the Tabernas Desert. At more than 1500m above sea level, we will see these witnesses to both the natural and human history to enjoy their presence and hear of their tales, of snows, storms, suns and civilizations which all passed through. A guided trip to those places where these millennial trees still exist to this day, natural monuments in this unique natural place.

DURATION: 4 hours. RECOMMENDED: clothes appropriate for the season and weather conditions START: 10:00am in the Posada del Candil SCHEDULE: Initial explanation by Javier Morterero, expert in history and archaeology. Arrival in the cars of the participants. 2 stops for explanation of the current forest. A walk of 3 km round-trip through the forest area to visit the Millennial oaks, wild Pines and Poplar trees. Snacks at the feet of the one of these magnificent trees. Return to the Posada. INCLUDES: explanations and guided walk by a specialist. SNACKS of products from the Valley of Almanzora. (CATERING NOT included. Consult the experience with catering in the sierra with homemade local dishes) PRICE: € 15 per person AVAILABILITY: programmed dates by the Posada del Candil or under request of the interested parties.
Lost towns

Discover with us, among the pastures of the mountains and the forests of pines, these small settlements of the people of the Sierra de Filabres. Places of surprising beauty where these now abandoned villages. Feel the emotions of the history of the people who used to call these dwellings home, their lives and daily tasks. When did they come? When did they leave? Let these human prints on the landscape in the middle of nature tell you their stories.Tales that you will live upon seeing this place.

DURATION: 4 Hours. RECOMMENDED: Weather appropriate clothing START: 10:00 am in the Posada del Candil SCHEDULE: Initial explanation by Javier Morterero, expert in history and archaeology. Transport in the vehicles of the participants. Interpretation of the different types of town.. Then a walk (3 km round trip in forest path) for the visit of one of the abandoned settlements. Snacks. Return to the Posada. INCLUDES: Explanations by a specialist. APPETIZERS of products of the Valle del Almanzora. (CATERING NOT included. (Consult the experience with catering in the Sierra with homemade dishes) PRICE: € 15 per person AVAILABILITY: Dates programmed by the Posada del Candil or under request of the interested parties
Serón: Oil, Cheese and Jamón

From a distance, the traveller sets his sights on the house which hugs the mountains on the edge of the castle. Serón makes an impression. See the entrance to the Valley of the Almazora and here begins its history. Pass through its steep streets, the reminder of the old fortifications. Feel the calmness of its corners that take you to its former frontiers of battle, of wealth from mined minerals and see its future of agriculture, renewable energy and sustainable tourism. That smell of firewood in the winter, the wafted aroma of drying jamón or the artisan cheeses will make your visit an endearing experience. You’ll also find artisan “embutidos” (meats), ecological oils and honey from the sierra. Fantastic flavours and smells.
Guided tour of Serón, its islamic past, and its great present-day gastronomy like its olive oil, wine and the jamón, which is always local produce. Buy direct from the people who produce these local products

DURATION: 4 hours. RECOMMENDED: appropriate clothes for the season and weather conditions START: 10:00am at the Posada del Candil SCHEDULE: Initial explanation by Javier Morterero, expert in history and archaeology. Arrival in the cars of the participants. Stops of explanation from the sightseeing point in the highest part of the town. Walk to visit the Nazarí castle, its Mudéjar style church and the neighbourhood of the castle. Visit to the one of the agricultural industries, according to availability. Tasting. Return to the Posada INCLUDES: explanations and guided walk by a specialist. TASTING of traditional artisan cheeses of Serón. PRICE: € 15 per person AVAILABILITY: Dates programmed by the Posada del Candil or under request of the interested parties
Iron Mountain

When you walk through this Almanzora valley or enter the Sierra de los Filabres, you hear a rumour. Pay attention. You find strange installations. They are not abandoned farmhouses. Sometimes enormous structures rest silently in the middle of the woods, in enclaves of great beauty, in almost inaccessible positions... They sleep. They await you to tell you their story. Incredible. Full of surprises and humanity. So many people, so many mines, so many stories.
It is the life of the miners, their families, the companies that assemble the aerial cables, the titanic effort to make the impossible possible. You will be thrilled to see, discover this incredible story, real, hard and endearing of the people of this land. Inspired by the book "History and Memory of the Serón-Bacares Mining Basin" by Juan Torreblanca Martinez.

DURATION: 4 hours. RECOMMENDED: clothing adapted to the season and atmospheric conditions. START: at 10.00 h in Posada del Candil. SCHEDULE: initial explanation by Javier Morterero, expert in contemporary history and agroecology. Approach in the vehicles of the participants. Interpretation stops of the different mining installations, neighbourhoods, loading bays, horns... Posterior view of the Geo-Minero de Menas Museum and walk (2 Km round trip) to make an interpreted path of the mining preserve of Las Menas. INCLUDES: explanations and route interpreted by a specialist. APERITIVE with Almanzora Valley products (CATERING NOT included. Consult the experience with catering in the mountains with local homemade dishes) PRICE: € 15€/person AVAILABILITY: dates programmed by Posada del Candil or on demand.